#7 Colibri

The Costa's Hummingbird is a mainstay in San Carlos. They can be seen flitting around from cactus flower to chiparosa plant (hummingbird bush) is search of dessert sweetness. Hummingbirds are incredible creatures.  These little fairies are almost the length of the palm of a hand and have the weight equal to just about three raisins.  [...]

#6 Tuna Anyone?

Tuna.  Numerous people are staunch fans of tuna.  There are multiple recipes that include this main ingredient, each with its own distinctive taste.  Grilled over a smoldering barbeque, pan-seared Ahi, tossed with avocado for a crisp salad or simply swirled with mayo and veggies for a modest meal.  Imagine my surprise finding a sign for [...]

#4 español 101

A typical cobblestone street in the Caracol Peninsula neighborhood. Several years ago the HOA began a "Beautification Committee". This committee has completed many improvements throughout the area including adding common area gardens of native plants, updating to the guard entrance and installing paver stones as a portion of the cobblestone streets. While the cobblestone streets [...]