#10 An Uncommon View

The Soggy Peso Bar and Grill is located at 27°58’ N 111°06’ W. Feel free to drop by when you have a few hours to kill.

Late one afternoon, we joined our neighbors and friends at a nearby “beach hangout”, the Soggy Peso.  It’s the consummate beach bar complete with a slight breeze, swaying hammocks, beautiful views and upbeat music.  While enjoying an hour of easy conversation and tunes we were introduced to a couple from California. We learned they have enjoyed traveling to San Carlos for many years.  Fun was being had by all so we moved the gathering to dinner in town. During dinner I was shown a unique drone video created by the couple’s son during one of his visits to San Carlos.  The footage presents an uncommon perspective of San Carlos, Mexico and has had over 18,000 views. As a result the video has become part of advertisements for some of the local businesses.  Interestingly enough when the drone footage was filmed the family was renting a house directly across the street from our home. Therefore, if you know where to look you might just spot our green house, casa verde, on top of the Caracol Peninsula.  Enjoy San Carlos, Mexico * created by Michael Lagrelius. (*Click the link to see the youtube video.)

This is a bird’s-eye view of a portion of the neighborhood where we live in San Carlos. The homes are uniquely individualized. You will find white “Contemporary Mexican” style homes that appear to have emerged from the cubist movement with additions of beautiful stone and glass. But there are also the more “Traditional Mexican” style casas that host arched doorways, exposed wooden beams and amazing brick dome, Boveda, ceilings. Our home falls somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. The exterior colors of the homes range from solid white to earth tones to a purple and green house that would have Barney the Dinosaur trembling with joy. Some houses even have murals painted on their exteriors giving each passerby a glimpse of the personalities of the owners inside. Seeing the homes from the street alone is appealing.

October 7, 2019

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”

– Vincent van Gogh

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