Cotton Cove Beach in Caracol Peninsula, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

Laura Lane – Wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, reader, learner, and as of now a blogger.  This website was created to share stories and images of a move to San Carlos, Mexico.  I hope you appreciate these anecdotes as much as I have treasured living them.

Established July 2019

  • #45 Cafe 55

    June 25, 2021 by

    Running errands in Guaymas, a town about 15 minutes outside of San Carlos, is almost always a longer than expected journey. I needed a coffee, pronto! My errand buddy, Amy, mentioned she had once been to a little hole in the wall cafe that she was fairly certain she could still find. Turning off of… Read more

  • #44 A Regatta is a Race?

    June 11, 2021 by

    Living in San Carlos for almost two years we’ve met many interesting people with intriguing pasts. One such character is our friend, Art. This former Californian has many passions but being “on the water” in some way, shape or form tops the list. This guy kayaks, paddle boards, cruises, reels in fish and/or sails just… Read more

  • #43 Vintage Vibes, Modern Perks and Affordable Rates

    May 11, 2021 by

    *This entry is not about life in San Carlos, Mexico, but rather about an artsy, little place in Tucson that offers a unique hotel stay experience. Driving across the border from Mexico to the United States has taught me lessons in patience. After traveling four hours along Mexico’s highway 15, the wall, yes, that one,… Read more

  • #42 Big Hearts and Even Bigger Smiles

    February 16, 2021 by

    Many people I’ve met living in San Carlos, Mexico are kind hearted, gracious, generous souls. Last Saturday that was evidenced by a very sweet act of kindness. My friend, a former firefighter from New Mexico, Kerry, sparked a humble idea that he put into action. His actions resulted in something very special for others.  About… Read more

  • #41 Hiking Martini Cove

    January 24, 2021 by

    Sometimes it feels good to be lost. Not forever but for a moment, surrounded by nature, with adventurous friends. A lovely group of San Carlos hikers helped remind me of the tiny slices of splendor found anywhere and that “anywhere” is always within hiking distance. The hikes we go on don’t require fast paced scaling… Read more

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