#1 You’re Doing What?

Stepping away from an enlightening career, packing up twenty-three years of memories, leaving behind family and friends, vacating a perfectly wonderful home and moving to a quaint town in Mexico probably sounds like “stepping off a ledge” to many. Trust me, we had plenty of advice as to why we should not head south of the border.  However to Mike, my husband of 31 years and myself this move was not at all a drastic decision. The hustle and bustle of our surroundings offered our lives so much for an extended period of time. Play dates, exemplary schools, sporting events, social opportunities galore. Suburban life hit the mark. So why vacate that life? We simply decided to make a change. Moving to San Carlos, Mexico is about enjoying the unknown, pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone, appreciating each other, immersing ourselves in an amazing culture and having the courage to make a change. One could say we are simply Changing Lanes.

July 3, 2019

This is the first post on my blog, Changing Lanes.  Stay tuned for more.

Sunset View of Tetakawi From Our Deck.
This mountain is a very popular landmark in San Carlos. In the language of the indiginous people of Sonora, the Yaqui, cerro del tetakawi means rocky mountain. However, on our first trip to San Carlos a local kayak guide who is now the town comisario (police commissioner) told us the name came from Tetas de Cabra meaning ‘teats of a goat’. Sadly many years ago the “goat” lost one of its teats. Regardless of the true meaning of its name, this beautiful mountain offers a 360° view of San Carlos.

The road is there, it will always be there.  You just have to decide when to take it. – unknown

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  1. Laura, this is stunning – and the photos are great too. I think this is a book waiting to be lived. Miss you – can’t wait to continue the story. Jan


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